new generation of coaches (Kerr, Kidd, Blatt ...) - , it was necessary that 2K take the fold of this evolution. Successful mission with mention, as the behavior of the players adjusts according to their aptitudes of the moment, the situations of play and the philosophies advocated by their mentors. For example, long stems such as Kawhi Leonard or Gianni Antetokounmpo will be further away from attackers in the defensive phase. Similarly, the AI ??will systematically send a rescue partner if an interior takes the water in its duel. Screens, balloonless movements, dunks powers, Contacts between the players, first support, everything has been refined in this quest for perfection claimed. With an exemplary fluidity.
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This enriched formula requires, of course, a small amount of adaptation. But what foot, then, can we reproduce identically the skills of our idols. And appreciate all the technical palette that must possess in store an potential All-Star. Another thing in this rush to authenticity: adaptive coaching. Like the Warriors small-ball against the Cavs in the NBA finals last summer, the opposing coach will adapt to your way of playing, the score of the match, your previous confrontations to reverse the trend. It is up to you to find the parade, to diversify your systems to disturb a well-defended defense. Or to force the decision individually. And just to be able to observe the reaction of the stars of the League with each shoot returned, their mimics of rage or spite, Sometimes pushes us to operate solo. Such a personalization (tattoo, grain of skin, sneakers ...) had been seen until then. One step was clearly taken.
The American studio has always tried to make its toddler as telegenic as possible. A claim that made the reputation of the series, and that Visual Concepts deepened by adding pre-hearing comments from speakers and traditional interviews, pre-game shows provided by delusions Earnie Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal and Kenny Smith. On their exit from the bus, the headliners of the League will be questioned on their form of the moment or the keys of the meeting. A face-to-face interview, in tight plan, as we see so little on French TV, which allows us to better understand the personality of our favorite actors. The facetious Dwight Howard, for example, will be more talkative than the hardcore James Harden, if one gets fond of the Rockets, for example. In short, new animations, Add to this obsessive concern of immersion. We stop there and let you discover the rest? Just be aware that the atmosphere of the room accommodates the face of the encounter. The charismatic stars do not hesitate to harangue the crowd to raise the temperature.
The 2K series never neglected the soundtrack of its title, its setting in space, its relief, dominant parts of its identity. And if the one signed by Pharrell Williams in the previous opus turned out well, the one ensured by DJ Khaled, DJ Musard and Dj Premier, three flagship producers of the moment, immediately immerses us in the mood. It remains sufficiently vari

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